About me

Who I am, what I've done, what kind of chocolate I like, that sort of thing...

Hello! My name’s Katherine (or Kat), I’m a fiction editor, and I love words.

I’ve been writing and editing for almost fifteen years (and if you tell me I don’t look old enough, I might give you a discount).

My entire life has been based around words and helping writers to communicate. I spent around ten years working as a journalist. First, I was a reporter for DC Thomson (you’ve probably heard of them; they’re responsible for the Sunday Post and the Beano), and latterly I worked as a sub-editor and chief sub-editor of award-winning newspaper the Press and Journal. I also worked as a senior media officer for Grampian Police, where I was involved with the communications strategy for high-profile cases, including murder inquiries.

My desire to help authors tell their stories led me to take the plunge and set up my own fiction editing business in May 2015. Since then, I have worked on Amazon bestsellers and novels that have gone on to be published by one of the ‘big five‘ publishers. I’m a lifelong learner; planning out my continuing professional development for the twelve months ahead is one of my favourite times of the year. I also enjoy training and mentoring others. I am also a tutor on the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading  Introduction to Fiction Editing course.

I’m fortunate enough to be part of an international editorial collective with four editor colleagues, all of whom are excellent at what they do. Together, we are able to offer authors a huge range of services and specialist areas of knowledge. If I can’t help you, I’m sure to know someone who can.

As an editor, I describe myself as fairly descriptivist. That means I believe a lot in the evolution of language and in reflecting an individual’s personal style in their writing. I try not to over-correct or be overly pedantic, instead preferring to let the art of language speak for itself. While correctness is important, over-correctness can come at the expense of artistry and the craft of writing. Some very beautiful writing could be classed as non-standard, perhaps because of unusual sentence structure or use of a particular dialect, and I believe it’s my job as an editor to be sensitive and not impose my own preferences on text unnecessarily.

I live in the north-east of Scotland with my husband, Ben, our daughter, Emma, and our cocker spaniel, Daisy (who doubles as my editorial assistant).


I’m very impressed by the high standard of Katherine’s editing. She has a very good eye for detail and offered constructive feedback. I will be using her again for sure.

Self-publishing author

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