The Expeditious Editor

A self-paced course designed for editors. Video and audio tutorials, PDF guides, and downloadable templates and resources to cut your editing time without losing quality.

Coming later in 2021

Modules include:

  • Wrangling Word: Word templates, add-ins (including PerfectIt) search and replace, and other tools to help speed up mechanical tasks. Includes downloadable templates.
  • Quick Querying: Methods to reduce the time spent on queries or explaining recurrent issues so you can focus on solving them.
  • Making Macros: How to use simple macros to speed up tasks you perform hundreds of times. Nothing complicated; just easy-to-use, non-scary macros!
  • Speedy Style Sheets: How to populate style sheets more quickly as you go.
  • Rapid Record-Keeping: How keeping track of things can help speed up quoting and accounting. Includes downloadable easy-to-use spreadsheet.

Want to know more or register your interest?

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