Editing packages

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If you’ve written a novel, short story, or non-fiction book that needs a polish before publication, I can help you to make sure your work is correct and consistent. I do my best work when I’m free to focus on sentence- and word-level concerns. That means that before you approach me to edit your book, it’s best that you’re happy with the bigger issues such as plot, pacing, point of view, etc.

If you are happy with the overall shape of your manuscript and require polishing of the actual text, then I just might be the right editor for you! Check which of my packages below suits you…




If you’re fairly confident in your stylistic ability, then the copy-editing package will focus on the five Cs – clarity, consistency, conciseness,  comprehension, and correctness. It involves one pass of the document and consists of:

  • Checking for and correcting mistakes in spelling and grammar.
  • Correcting punctuation.
  • Highlighting incorrect words and suggesting alternatives.
  • Checking for formatting problems and/or putting Word document into proper format for typesetting/submission to agents.
  • Ensuring consistency in spelling/hyphenation/capitalisation, etc.
  • Ensuring chapters are numbered and formatted correctly.
  • A style sheet recording editorial decisions.
  • Smoothing awkward sentences and ensuring your sentences flow naturally. This may take the form of limited rewriting/recasting of sentences or of comments in the margin with suggestions.
  • Ensuring consistency in character traits and story timelines (no changing eye colours or children at school on Sundays!). 
  • Dealing with overuse of crutch words and phrases.
  • Ensuring clarity and excellent readability for your targeted audience.
  • Basic fact-checking of names, places, etc.

Price starts at £12 per 1,000 words

Copy-editing Plus


This is for authors who want more intervention than a standard copy-edit. This service involves much more in the way of rewriting and working on the more stylistic elements. It’s perfect for authors who are open to a heavier edit and happy for me to do some limited rewriting to improve the narrative. 

The copy-editing plus package includes one pass of the document and takes in all the checks in the copy-editing package and additionally consists of:

  • Suggestions for improving text on a stylistic and creative level, such as flagging areas with too much telling, where point of view is unclear, where imagery could be strengthened, etc.
  • Limited rewriting of sections to improve them stylistically, where possible; otherwise, comments in margins to suggest or flag larger areas where your writing could be improved.
  • Careful attention paid to dialogue, recasting where necessary, to ensure character interactions sound natural.
  • Flagging up incorrect tone of characters in dialogue and narrative.
  • Suggesting areas where the writing could make scenes more dramatic or enthralling and giving examples.
  •  A short editorial report pointing out any issues I feel would benefit from being looked at more closely, including characterisation, plot, pacing, etc.

Price starts at £14 per 1,000 words

Additional passes of the document can be added for a reduced fee. Spot-checking of changes charged at £27 per hour.