It’s been quite a long time since my last blog, and I wish I had a better excuse other than life just getting away from me! I’ve had a very busy few months and it seemed that every time I sat down to write a blog, something (or someone) would pull my attention away again. Still, I’m here now and ready to roll up my sleeves and dive in once again.

My last blog was a very brief one about my involvement in Editing Globally, so it seems sensible to begin this blog where the last one left off and give a small update. Since the launch of Editing Globally, lots of people have been in touch to say what a good idea it is and to wish me luck, and I’m exceedingly grateful for every message received. Since my last blog, I’ve worked on my first Editing Globally project – my wonderful colleague Kelly Lamb carried out the editing on a memoir and then I took on the cover design and formatting for it. By pooling our skills in this way, we were able to save a very grateful client a great deal of money versus going through a publishing ‘packaging’ company she had found, and from my perspective, it was great to be able to refer a client who approached me to someone whose work I knew to be excellent when I couldn’t fit in the editing portion.

Elsewhere, I’ve been trying to balance work with more personal projects but not altogether succeeding! I had hoped to make progress on my grandfather’s memoirs (a blog post about these will be forthcoming soon) as well as do some writing myself, but I’ve just been too busy with client work to get much done. That’s definitely not a complaint, though! In the last few months, I’ve had the pleasure of working on some truly excellent pieces of writing in genres ranging from a rural Welsh comedy to a Sherlock Holmes pastiche. I’ve also got most of the rest of the year planned out too and have a lot to look forward to. What I’m most delighted about, too, is that many of my jobs for the latter half of the year have come from repeat customers. It’s such a boost to know that clients have been happy with your work and want to come back for more!

Outside of paid work, I’ve been busy preparing for two workshops I am involved with at the Society for Editors and Proofreaders conference in September. The first is an introduction to fiction editing, which I expect will be well attended by editors hoping to expand their skills in this direction. The second is a workshop on setting rates and negotiating, and I’m joined for that by my fantastic colleagues (and friends) Janet MacMillan and Erin Brenner. Given we are scattered across the globe somewhat, Skype has been invaluable for planning our sessions! I’ve also been working through the SfEP course on references. One of my longer-term goals is to add a bit of diversity and perhaps work on some non-fiction work in fields that specifically interest me, so I thought a brush-up on my referencing knowledge would stand me in good stead.

I’ve made some updates and tweaks to my website in recent days too to reflect what I’ve learned about editing and myself in the time I have been in business. Take a look: there are some new services on there as well as changes to old services to hopefully cater better to independent authors from all backgrounds and at all levels of experience.

On a more personal note, my spaniel, Daisy, and I have been enjoying the summer weather and trying to make the most of it whenever we can. After wrestling with a gnarly editing problem, it’s nice to be able to throw down tools and get out and about in the midday sunshine to clear my mind!

Now I’m back off to work; I’ve got some sorting out of my invoices and accounts spreadsheets to do, which I find strangely enjoyable! And I have lots of ideas for new blogs simmering away in the back of my mind at the moment so stay tuned!