What I Do

Full line and copy-edit

A comprehensive sentence-level edit to polish your words, eliminate mistakes and infelicities, and make your story sparkle.

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Sample edit

A 1000-word sample line and copy-edit to show you how your novel could benefit. The cost will be taken off a full edit, should you wish to proceed.

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Mini edit

A comprehensive critique and full line and copy-edit of your first 10,000 words for agent submission or to help you self-edit.

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A 150–200-word blurb for your back cover or online book description, written to hook readers and sell your book.

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Budget templated interiors for e-book and print to help you save money without sacrificing quality.

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Bits and bobs

I can help with lots of other things too, including helping with the self-publishing process, checking website copy, and Word formatting.

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